The woes of a procrastinator

I am, without a doubt, a very adept procrastinator. I’m constantly saying “oh, I’ll do this later”. Later, I either forget or put it off until the next day. It’s really quite a vicious circle. The fact is, I have a very hard time getting things done, and for a high schooler with a busy enough life, this is dangerous.

My biggests problems are social media (Facebook) and TV shows. As soon as I get home after school I turn on my computer. I plant the excuse that I’m doing so so I can start my homework,  as much of it requires research and typing papers, but my asshole of a subconscious knows full well why I’m clicking on the Firefox icon. I can spend hours watching reruns of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, scrolling through Facebook and looking at cute clothes online that I clearly can’t afford.

As a result, I often find myself going to bed at 2 or 3 am, if at all. There have been times when I’ve bipassed my mom and stayed up all night furiously trying to write a paper for English class that was assigned 3 weeks ago. I sometimes skip lunch to work on homework that hasn’t been done yet, only to find that the teacher is absent (man, I really hate when that happens). It’s gotten rough. And from what the school announced about the always increasing homework load for next year, it’s only going to get worse.

But for now, it’s summer vacation, so I can blog and read and watch and scroll as much as I want. My parents are always telling me that I have horrible time management issues. Yeah, well I blame them! At least I’m not procrastinating in the food domain. Nope, I’d do anything for the sweet, rich, gooey taste of a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. That’s not at all weird right?

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.


4 thoughts on “The woes of a procrastinator

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My girlfriend is OBSESSED WITH SOCIAL MEDIA! Whenever we’re hanging out or not hanging out, it’s always about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – and of course her latest distraction from life – Vine.

    While I love social media for the connectivity and speed it brings us, I hate it because it’s “zombifying” us all in one way or another. Sometimes we just need to set our phones down, get off of our MacBook’s and enjoy life the old fashioned way.

    Just set a time for getting your work done and you should be okay. Social media and the internet will always be around. Good for you for blogging about your experiences though. Good luck with everything!

    – Chris

    • I thought maybe sometime in the future I’d do a post on the pros and cons of social media to try and weigh the good versus the bad. And I totally agree with you! It’s gotten bad…
      Thanks for the good advice and everything!

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