Social Media: Extra (unnecessary) Stress

theemarketingmaven.comI love Facebook. One could almost say that I’m addicted; and because it’s my home page, every time I open Firefox it pops up on the screen. Now I could be smart and change my homepage but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to do it. When I go on Youtube or Deezer or whatever to play music, I can’t help checking out what new things have come up in my suggestions box. And I don’t know if texting is considered social media, but I spend waaay too much time sending sms’ to my friends. I’m a sort of a *gulp* social media junkie. And yet I’m not on that many sites, I don’t have Twitter for example, but the amount of time spent each day on the mediums that I do use is enormous. And as a side effect and/or consequence, it causes a lot of extra stress.

First of all, there’s the fear of not supplying enough data. I have friends and family overseas who’s only way of keeping in touch with me is through Facebook, and I sometimes feel like I’m letting them down if I’m not posting enough. Extra stress. It’s hard to gauge the right amount of stuff (and what stuff!) that you should share with the world. Do I care that your hamster suddenly developped a love of soup and that you’re celebrating by eating a cherry? Heck no! (but frankly, if you’re going to celebrate anything at all, eat more than one cherry) Do I care that you got into Princeton? Heck yes! I know I chose extreme examples but it’s just to reinforce my point 😉

Speaking of winky faces (is that how you say it?), texting and messenging has made me use more emoticons than any person should. Ever. I used to be able to communicate without constantly inserting smiley faces into the conversation, but in our modern, tech savvy world I seem to have lost that ability. And I do get worried that putting them in posts such as this one makes me seem tacky. Extra stress.

Texting has made me turn paranoid. If I’m talking with a boy I like, I instantly start over-analysing the messages he’s sent me, causing a million questions to swirl around in my head. Extra stress. Of course then I feel compelled to wait a few minutes before responding because I don’t want to seem as if I was clinging to my phone waiting for him to text me. Which I probably was. Extra stress. Finally, if I’m using a medium where I can see whether or not someone’s read my message and they have but haven’t answered I get all flustered. Extra stress.

Ah yes, first world problems. Silly things.

All I can advise is; eat a sandwich, lie in the sun, go for a walk, live a little! And does this advice apply go me too? Absolutely, and I’m going to take it. Right after I check Facebook once more. And my phone. And email. And… sh*t.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.


11 thoughts on “Social Media: Extra (unnecessary) Stress

  1. Hey there,
    very interesting post. I think it is all a question of attitude. You see, I used to have quite similar problems with emails, if someone did not answer me within a day I felt like something was wrong and I had to call him/her or resending the email. Now I am much more relaxed. Once you recognize and live the asynchronity of the internet, you can really enjoy it. I write you now this comment and get an email notification once you replied to it. I can decide then when the right time is for me to reply. I post on Facebook whenever I find something interesting, sometimes I post more often sometimes less. But what I realized yesterday is that answering your friends messages in the evening is not a good idea if you rather want to “email” than chat with them. Normally I answer them early in the morning when they are still sleeping. But yesterday in the evening, I answered them and they instantly replied so that I was almost forced to reply to for not being rude. But wanted to go sleeping, told them so after five minutes and everything’s fine. So I think it is really a question of attitude, free yourself of being forced to do something. Maybe my blog entry about meaningful activities might help you:
    Have a great day & may peace surround you,

    • Dear Chris,
      I agree, and answering while everyone else is asleep is something that I sometimes do. I can see that attitude is a problem and I do want to free myself, I just find it difficult to work up the nerve do detach myself from it. I’m afraid that I’ll lose a form of contact that I really do appreciate.
      Anywho, thanks for you comment and great post on meaningful activities!

      Live long and prosper \V/
      Yours sincerely,
      The Mostly Confused Teenager.

      • Hey there,
        glad you liked it! Maybe try this one:
        Look for an activity that requires you to concentrate on it for about fifteen minutes. Have a look at your smart phone/facebook before this activity but not while the acitivity. Close your facebook/put the smartphone away, turn off the notifications and everything that could draw your attention to facebook. After you concentrated on the activity for something like fifteen minutes, think about how it felt and if you already miss facebook. If you already miss it, you might grab your smart phone then and tell the world you missed them 🙂
        Try this exercise every day and try to increase the concentrated duration slowly if you feel like you stand it longer without facebook. Maybe you can track your experiences on your blog so that you have a motivation to go on. Can you imagine something like this? Can you already think of an activity? If not, we can either think of something together or I can think of another solution. Just let me know, (even slight) addiction is not that funny, is it?
        Have a great day & may peace surround you,

  2. You’re not the only one, The Mostly confused Teenager! I feel an urge to go on my Fb regularly too, and some nights i actually end up chatting to friends instead of doing my homework (shhhh don’t tell my parents ><"). but lately I've tried to prioritise a bit, and i find turning off chat for short intervals of time definitely helps; after a while, I can manage having my chat off for longer…maybe try to do stuff you need to get done when you know people are less active so you can sit back and just concentrate on FB when more people are on? <<this definitely works for me 🙂
    Wow, Paris..I study french at school and I've always wanted to go to Paris…it seems like such a glamorous and lovely place :') But so far i've only been to other parts of Australia, Asia and America :L
    Anyway, i love your blog! It's so cool to find another teen girl that i find i can empathise and connect with and has such similar thoughts and experiences with me!
    à bientôt! (gosh i needed to pull my french textbook out to type that..maybe i should hop off the computer and go study my French haha)
    Rainissa C:

    • That’s really good advice Rainissa (between, I absolutely love your name!), I’ll try it. It’s sort of like weaning a colt of his mother I suppose x)
      Well, studying french is the first step, hopefully sometime soon you’ll be able to come and visit!! And Australia, Asia and America aren’t bad either, I would love visit Australia… Ever since I was a little girl reading about Kanga and Roo in Winnie the Pooh I’ve wanted to see a kangaroo (but not like in the zoo) :3 pretty stereotypical right? ><
      Anyways, I love your blog too, I really feel like I can relate to you, I'm glad I found you on WordPress! (not to sound creepy or anything)
      Je suis contente de t'avoir rencontrée 🙂
      Yours sincerely,
      The Mostly Confused Teenager.

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