That drumming noise in your head

Check out fellow blogger Nutterfluffer, I think she really captured the spirit and power that music has over us!

The World of Fluffiness

I love music. Don’t we all? There are all kinds of music from classical to metal so it’s impossible for you not to find one type that you like no matter who you are. I like music. I won’t say that I can’t live without it, but I would certainly be missing something if it weren’t there. It makes me feel better when I’m sad (because for some reason listening to sad songs when you’re sad makes you less depressed. Is it just because human beings are weird or is it because it makes you realize that you’re not the only one out there that is sad?). It also inspires me. Gives me that little boost to make me start working and keeps it from getting too boring. It also gives me a boost when I don’t feel like working out or doing anything. It also relaxes me and makes me think…

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