I have a problem with the word SWAG. In my biased teenagery opinion (I know it’s not a word, don’t patronize me for it) it is one of the most overused, silly words in the history of the past few years (I was going to go for the history of the Universe but then I thought about ‘whisternefet’ (meaning a sharp slap) and decided otherwise).

From a little research project on what my grandparents call “the Google” I found out that the term is an acronym for ‘Secretly We Are Gay’ that originated in the 1960s. The more common explanation to the word is that it’s a cooler way of saying ‘swagger’. Now personally I find that swagger is a very swag cool word in in of itself but there you go, today’s youth seems to think otherwise. Oh dear I sound like an elderly person bitching about the screwed up ways of the younger generations.

Most of the people that use SWAG (that I know of anyways) are deluded kids who think that they control their world and have an annoyingly arrogant demeanor and who don’t have any idea of the meaning.

Example 1:

“- YO DAWWWG, I ate Nutella by the spoon last week and now I’ve gained two pounds and my face has broken out.


Example 2:

“- I heard that they found horse meat in those ‘beef’ lasagnas that we get sometimes!

– Sh*t man, that is so SWAG.”


And so, while I wallow in the desperation of hearing my little brother call his hat super SWAG, I’ll wait for someone to explain to me the utility of such a word. My Dad for example, claiming that the term is not cool enough for his liking, goes around saying it backwards. GAWS dudes, GAWS.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager

PS: IΒ really don’t know if SWAG is meant to be written all in cap locks, so forgive me if it seems like I’m shouting!


20 thoughts on “SWAG

  1. In Aussie land, a ‘swag’ is a portable sleeping bad/mattress thing all rolled into one. Of course we have the douche-y version of the word too, but I try to pretend that doesn’t exist. Lucky people don’t say it as much anymore, except for when they’re being ‘ironic’ (or saying that they’re ironic but really they’re being serious).

  2. The use of the word where I live is basically that it is a term for someones confidence/arrogance or demeamor. eg. “he’s got swag” Such as stupid word…Swagger how ever is a good word haha!

  3. Haha, “the google.” old people are so funny πŸ˜› My grandparents call their battery percentage on their phone “juice.” Like they say “Oh no, I need to charge my phone, it’s running out of juice!!” lol.
    Also, swag was a term that people would use for draping. Like putting swag in drapes. I heard it used on Cake Boss, buddy said something like “I’ll just put the swags on and then it’ll be good to go!” (he was draping fondant onto the side of a cake).

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