Time Is Running Out

Well, not really. I mean time can’t actually run anywhere, nor can it suddenly die from a cookie overdose (sh*t happens), but you get the point. At the start of a new school year, I realized that I’m a junior, which means that at the current moment in time, I have less than two years before I go off to University and leave my home forever. And frankly, the thought of moving on with my life scares me a whole lot.

When I was a little girl, I had no concept of time. Some people, namely my mother, would argue that I still don’t, but it has come to my attention how much my appreciation of the timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly stuff has changed (DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE). At the age of six or seven I had no fixed timetable, no calendar to look at and remind myself that I had an orthodontist appointment the day before which I missed (Oops, oh well. *doesn’t care*). School was school, and it went on until my mom told me it was time for vacation and that I’d only come back in two weeks. I never knew that my last day of 1st grade was the last day, I only knew when I didn’t have to get up too early for my organism to handle the next day. Summer vacation was eternity, each day stretching out with limitless possibility, succeeding the last with equal importance. My mother’s birthday (the 22nd of August) which now seems abominably close to the end was just a random event in the long fabric of vacation. One day, it was time to go back to the world of books and number two pencils, and that transition was made without question. I was not in control.

As I got older, time started speeding up. I knew when school started and when it ended. When vacations came around I always looked forward to the first day of lying around in bed in a cocoon of warmth and coziness with glee, wishing the end would never arrive. During the summer I kept a conscious eye on the date at all times, measuring out the time I had left. Heck, I probably spend more time worrying about what things will be like when something ends than enjoying it while it happens.

Even though they have been filled with quite interminable math and latin classes, the last two years have flown by. On the first day of school you think; “Oh man this year is going to be soooo long, I don’t know how I’ll ever survive the boredom of lessons everyday. Better warn my unicorn to be ready each afternoon so that I can at least ride home in style”. And then, BAM, before you know it, you’re laughing and crying on the last day, swearing eternal friendship and wishing fervently that you were still the awkward new kid (although let’s face it, you still are and will always be, the awkward new kid).

This teenager has one terrifying question on her mind at the moment: if time has sped up so much in the past few years, where will things be at in, say, ten? Will a month then be equal to a day now? Does time keep speeding up until you’re whizzing around at the speed of a deranged giraffe? I’ll admit, I’m scared of what will happen. I guess that it’s important for me to remember that change can be good and that holding onto the past is not always the right path of action to take. Whatever metaphorical deer rush into my headlights, I’ll make sure that they’re all right in the end.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.

8 thoughts on “Time Is Running Out

  1. Dont plan to far ahead but dont just make things up as you go. Dont worry. I dont think times going to speed up for you. Make your junior year a good year because when youre a senior you get so caught up in the fact that youre going to graduate, after you graduate, you end up missing school.

  2. hey! I don’t know if you’ll think this silly — I did, initially, and it was actually kinda fun — but I’ve tagged you in a Liebster Award questionnaire on my blog. You just have to answer the questions on your own blog and tag some more people. You can get your questions from this little direct link — http://theviewbehindthewall.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/this-liebster-award-thing-is-the-shizzzzzzzzz/
    Have fun doing it and pass it on to someone else. Keep writing 🙂
    by the way, I really like your blog 😀 Can totally relate 😉

  3. Well… Time really is running out… But maybe I am rushing. I want to be remembered when I die,not just like a “he lived”. And maybe that’s my problem… My brother will soon turn 18,and when I am looking back in time at how wonderful and totally changed will be the life as a major,I now look at my brother and wait… Nothing changes,you don’t even know when the years go by. It was the same when I turned 14. Everybody asked me how I feel,but there wasn’t that much of a difference… I think I hoped for a sudden change in my way of thinking or something,but this isn’t the case… Anyway,I surely know one thing: I am still young and I can do what I wish,even though time seems to slip by so easily. But yeah, until then I am just a “he lives”. I know you didn’t mean that in your post,but what do you want to do when you grow up?(such cliché)

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