Honest Confessions From a Real, Frustrated New York Mets Fan…

Eeek I’ve done my first guest blogging post! *swoons with pride*

Jockstrap Journal (Now Spleaze.com!)

Guest post from the ‘Strap’s newest author, CT, a mostly confused teenager who runs the blog themostlyconfusedteenager.wordpress.com. She gracefully details the struggles and beauties of being a Mets fan.

If you’re reading this article, you’re either a Mets fan who is out of excuses for them or someone who knows a Mets fan and is trying to save them from a fan life of desolation and pain. Somehow, we become fans. Throughout our entire lives we can, do, and will discover things that have reeled us in. Can the Mets really do that? I mean, sure, they’re a likable team, with people like David Wright and his heart of gold, but it’s hard to become a young fan of a team that is desperately floundering.

For me, the explanation is quite simple: legacy. My dad is a Mets fan and, for a reason that I cannot explain without wanting…

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