It’s Still Summer

Dear Autumn, back the hell off. I’ve known people like you who might be nice in some aspects of their personality but who are just too pushy. I will remind you that summer is until the 21st of September, so until then I will agree with none of this cold windy rainy nonsense that you’re imposing on the good people of EVERYWHERE.

I was walking on the street today and a leaf fell on my nose. How about no? First of all, I don’t like things falling on my nose, it makes me sneeze, and I happen to know that when I sneeze I sound like a dying zebra. Secondly, it’s still summer!!

Now I know there’s a certain rivalry in between summer and you and I also know that you feel slighted because people prefer the former to you, BUT MAYBE IF YOU STOPPED BEING SO DAMNED IN OUR FACES WE WOULD LIKE YOU MORE! Personally I love the sharp wind and the start of the holiday season, but for Cookie’s sake, it’s still a month and a half until Halloween! Please, I’m begging you, let us enjoy the last moments of our dying summertime hopes as they are swallowed by school and work *shakes head sadly*.

And Heat-Miser, Snow-Miser; if you keep fighting over who controls France, I’m going to go over your heads and go straight to your Mother. You wouldn’t like that would you? [childhood Christmas reference :’)]

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager

13 thoughts on “It’s Still Summer

  1. Hahaha! Great stuff. Personally, I’m super excited that it is getting cold, but I’m a cold weather type of guy. November and December are my two favorite months.

    • December is my favorite month too, basically the stretch from Halloween to Christmas is just awesome! On the other hand October in Normandy is not generally a pleasant experience 😉

      • It’s a great stretch. The weather is cool, the trees are all gold and brown in New England, there is football and basketball, and then you’ve got great holidays–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, well, my birthday haha.

      • The fall colors are one of the reasons that I absolutely want to go to college in New England. That and the fact that I’d be conveniently positioned in between the Pats and the Mets x) When’s your birthday?

      • Start of November–perfect time, right after Halloween, a few weeks before Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. And…right in the middle of football season and at the start of basketball season. (The World Series is usually ending too).

        What colleges are you looking at?

      • Um, colleges exclusively on the East Coast, in New England most probably, maybe in Massachusetts or New York State. Right now my two top colleges are Tufts and Vassar, but if I got into Yale I probably wouldn’t say no x) Although with a C in math there’s 0% chance of that happening. What about you?

      • Oooh good schools.
        I’m thinking of a bunch of schools; Northwestern, Syracuse, Boston College, Villanova, NYU, Fordham, Brown, and maybe Cornell. I’m still trying to figure it out at the moment. 🙂

      • You’re looking at good schools too! My favorite history teacher ever was a professor at NYU and my dad went to BU 🙂
        Yeah me too, I’m actually going on a college tour with my mom this fall during my school vacation so that should be fun! But now with the SAT and college counseling, the pressure is on.

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