DANGER WILL ROBINSON *faints in horror*

panicMy parents have discovered that I have a blog [shudders uncontrollably]. What will happen to the world? What will happen to the Mostly Confused Teenager? What am I to do? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And so I sit here, at my computer, desperately wringing my hands, wondering how in Holy Hell they found out. Did someone tell them? Did I leave the page open without meaning too? Why, o lordly cookie, why? I saw that they knew when I was standing next to my Dad’s computer looking at pictures of Mets’ rookies in dresses (please, don’t ask) when my eyes inadvertently widened and a wave of ice washed over me as the pink background of my own special hiding place appeared in his most visited sites. I stared in horror as I realized that this was practically the end of the world for me. Well, not really, but nearly.

I held out a month and a half without them knowing. That’s not very good is it? I’d like to point out that there are some things on The Mostly Confused Teenager that are inappropriate enough that I would never say them in front of my parents.  I mean as far as I know, no parent would want to read a piece their daughter wrote about erectile dysfunction. And might I also mention that I swear, say weird things and swoon over boys on here. This blog contains my secrets, it’s a place where I can say whatever the f*ck I want without repercussions. Well, within reason (I’m sure that if I wrote that koalas are sweeter than pandas some of you would come forward and yell at me). Now, just writing the word “f*ck”, even though I’m hiding a letter, makes me feel all guilty, knowing that my parents are going to read it.

So what am I supposed to do? Suggestions are greatly appreciated, because here I’m at a loss here. Should I ask them to respect my privacy? I don’t think they’d go for that, since apparently they can already be qualified as snoops. Or hey, here’s a wild idea! Mama, Daddy, since you now know the secret identity of a certain CT, why don’t you say something?

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Very Panicked Mostly Confused Teenager.

PS: this is a very celebratory 50th post isn’t it?

46 thoughts on “DANGER WILL ROBINSON *faints in horror*

  1. 50 posts in almost as many days – very impressive girl! In terms of the parental discovery, I say just don’t ever bring it up and try not to say anything too incriminating. When my parents and close friends found out, they were always claiming to read it, but I trusted them not to bring it up or to read certain things. For all I know, they’ve read everything but have never said a word, so I just try not to think about it really 😐

  2. Hey CT,
    congrats on your 50th post 🙂 Don’t worry about your parents, I hope most of the things you tell us here you do believe and are serious about it. And as far as I’ve read, this seems to be the case 😉
    Your parents can be proud to have such a smart and creative daughter. I also think attemptingreality is quite right.
    Have a great day, take a deep breath and keep cool, it’s just your parents on your part of the internet 🙂

  3. congrats on your 50th post :), about your parents, i wouldn’t worry about it, i mean they already know you have blog right. If they had something against it, they would probably brought it up by now.. (but i get that you are in shock right now, but there is not much that you can do i guess).

  4. HAHAHAHAH sorry to be laughing at your pain, but you presented the situation hilariously. If they know, why don’t you ask them not to look? My mom found mine but never entered because she knew she was intruding. On the other hand, they must just be proud of you to keep visiting your site! Talk to them about it, since they already know of your blog.

  5. Well,I know how you feel like. At first I tried not to show my blog to my family,but once my brother discovered my blog(well I mostly let him) we thought he might also start to blog and we even thought of a partnership(this remembers me that I should post something) but since neither I nor him brought up the subject,he just forgot. And my mother just forgot that I told her that I have a blog. So now I can blog even if they see what I am doing(to be fair,my mother won’t stick her nose where I don’t invite her to). Just don’t bring it up and don’t post something too personal that might affect your parents(after all,you shouldn’t wash your laundry in public anyway). Nothing will change unless you allow it to.

    • Good advice, thanks! 🙂 I think that the main problem is that this was my place to post personal stuff, so now it’s kind of as if I had a form of censorship on what I write. Ah well, tis the life of a me…

  6. I WOULD DIE IF MY PARENTS OR ANY FAMILY MEMBER FOUND THIS BLOG. What I would do is try and get rid of the thought as soon as possible…Probably by making this blog private or only view-able to people who have a wordpress, that way they can’t see it.

      • well I think at this point you’ve got to make a choice: Are you blogging because blogging is fun for your and you really want people to share their thoughts with you or do you want to use your blog as a kind of a diary that only some handful of people you want to read should read?
        Think about it 🙂
        P.S.: I hope you’ll stay with the public blog and maybe you could talk with your parents about your blog, find out what they are thinking about it and if they would agree to only have a look at your posts when you tell them to?

  7. I’m sorry to be harsh but this is your sacred place so ‘prends ton courage a deux mains’ (sorry i didn’t know how to say it in english) and go stand up for yourself and your privacy! you can’t let your parents win ALL the time. You’re 16 you should at least have the freedom to have a blog without them looking at it ! Good luck 😀 (i know you can do it 😀 )

  8. This may be a difficult situation for you since I’m sure you want to continue blogging, however you don’t want your parents to be seeing your blog, especially not on a daily basis and reading each and every one of your posts!
    I see you’ve got a lot of great advices to follow. I suggest a very straight forward conservation, dealing with them face to face discussing the problem, and your privacy.
    Goodluck with the rest!
    P.S: Keep blogging!!

  9. Oh my! I would die if my FRIENDS found out I have a blog. But I would still blog, haha. I’m sure it will be fine! Just don’t bring it up ever and deny it’s existence when brought up. That’s what I would do. x)

    • I made them swear not to talk to me about it, ever, so that I can just go on pretending that they don’t know about it. Denial doesn’t entirely work since I do know that they read it, but I try and ignore them as best as I can!

      • yeesh i would not have had the heart to continue if my parents knew, i would have just started a new one :p but you are strong oh young one ! you are becoming a powerful jedi master

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