It’s Just That Time of Year

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the holiday season (although the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks!! It costs a third of my weekly allowance but it tastes so good. Oh dear I just went fangirly over a drink. I really need a boyfriend). I’m talking about the beginning of October, when the days are getting shorter, the weather getting rainier and the teachers getting crankier. This, associated with football season and the start of the MLB postseason results in students experiencing what I call the kangaroo syndrome. To explain briefly, the kangaroo syndrome chooses it’s victims by degree of addiction to movies and TV shows: once you have been chosen you will experience periods of nothingness (quite literally) before going into full blown hyperactive mode. It’s a familiar feeling, occuring every year since we realized that we actually had to study for tests (boy, what a shock that was huh?).

So today my morning consisted of an hour and a half math test immediately followed by an hour and a half french test. SO MUCH FUN RIGHT? No. My guess is that teachers, having been on a no grading hiatus for two months, are extremely thirsty to inflict pain on their students (penpal xx). So because of this grueling schedule I haven’t had much/hardly any/any time for myself and thus for the Mostly Confused Teenager to stop being confused about 4th degree functions and start being confused about other important things such as why her cookies are disappearing at such an alarming rate.

But do not fear, adoring fans of whom I have none, I am not forgetting about you guys! You people are my sunshine, my life, my soul… Oh dear I went rather too far with that didn’t I? Isn’t “moist” a weird word?

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.

28 thoughts on “It’s Just That Time of Year

  1. It’s so strange to think that while you’re going into the colder, rainier months, it’s finally starting to get warm and sunny here! This is the first nice spring day we’ve had in weeks!

  2. Sooo… Should I get that you don’t have initial tests? Those tests that “test what you remember”(yeah,sure,like we even remember something after 3 months of laziness…).

  3. Last season, the Orioles made the post-season … and, I was completely stressed out. This season, no Orioles … no stress. I think I prefer stress! Still, some baseball is better than no baseball. 🙂

  4. “Teachers, having been on a no grading hiatus for two months, are extremely thirsty to inflict pain on their students” = So, so true!!! And that’s applicable for the other end of the world as well… Sadly! Teachers are the same everywhere… Blood sucking educators, Ugh! :/ And yes, trust me to reply to a 3 day old post (I’m a bit behind on my reading! :P) And I am writing a lot of unwanted stuff so I shall stop… XX

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