Music and Me

musicThe setting… CT’s horribly long and difficult math test:
“The distance in between two points in a plane is V(X2-X1)+(Y2-PRINCE ALI, MIGHTY IS HE-Y1). Crap, what’s the question again?”
The result of my best friend putting Prince Ali in my head right before a math exam… An F.
Ok so maybe I would have still gotten an F without having a extraordinarily repetitive song playing over and over again, turningΒ  my cognitive functions (aaaaah, functions! They’re following me everywhere!) to mush, but the idea is there! Thanks Washington, love you tons. And no, I’m not criticizing the government (although I risked not getting my passport on time to go do a college tour in the States on Wednesday because you couldn’t get your shit together about Obamacare), I call my best friend Washington. Deal with it.

I started listening to music when I was a little girl and my parents would put on CDs of classical music during dinner. Yes, CDs! I feel so old. On special days we would get to listen to a jazz record, at which point my brother and I always got super excited and would run around the house as if we were on drugs. The unfortunate corollary of this jazz disk was the fact that we couldn’t actually sit still while we ate; we were obliged to dance around in our chairs, shouting the words to Ella Fitzgerald’s “Let’s do it” (um..) at the top of our lungs.

For a long time, jazz and classical were the only kinds of music that I knew. The only other novelty came from the numerous musicals that we watched after dinners on weekends (I know Annie’s Tomorrow by heart. HA. You don’t feel bad that I do and you don’t? Oh, well, I stand corrected). Then came the era of the boom box. When we got it for Christmas one year, it was like a gift from a higher power. It could play CDs, tapes and the radio. We were over the moon. and that’s how I got my introduction to pop music. Actually, the first song that we ever heard on the radio was a Lady Gaga song. Harmless, say you? Think again. It was one of her more… um… ribald pieces. I’ll let you imagine my mom’s face when we ran up to her, two little kids, and yelled “I WANNA TAKE A RIDE ON YOUR DISCO STICK”. Yeah, it was that bad. From then to basically today I have avoided talking about music with my parents.

Since that awkward time, I’ve branched out into other types of music. For a while I listened to only music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because I had to supply it for my mom to sing to in the car. I have over three hours of Queen, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles (among others) on my phone, and I still listen to them fairly regularly. I’ve discovered the genius of Tom Lehrer, the awesomeness of Imagine Dragons and the Artic Monkeys, the catchiness (made up word alert!) of Coldplay and Green Day… And I can only hope that my horizons will keep expanding. Isn’t that a weird turn of phrase?

Music is something that lets me escape, transfer my thoughts to the song and/or melody instead of concentrating on the depressing details of my teenage life. This being said, I oftentimes find that a song is directly applicable to something that I’m going through. Ah yes, the “I am the centre of the Universe and everything is about me” syndrome. But nonetheless, if I’m feeling sad I may be unable to listen to a happy song and vice versa, it really all depends on my mood.
I sense that I’m hitting a writer’s wall here so I’ll stop while whatever shred of dignity I have left is still intact.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.


21 thoughts on “Music and Me

  1. Well I’m not the best with music and my voice likes to make me remember… But I do listen to music, and I got to say, my real introduction to Classical was one-two years ago. While I was working on a book project (my writer self respect needs sometimes to be reminded how bad I was at doing this two years ago) I only listened to “Nocturnes” by Chopin… Since you are from outside of Romania, I always wanted to ask someone: have you ever heard of Mandinga, Smiley, Connect-R or Inna? And have you ever listened the “Romanian Rhapsody” ?

  2. Hey CT,
    Glad music is helping you to enjoy your time after it spoiled your math exam.makes me think of a song I’ve got quite often in my head while walking: and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you. Do you know it? Guess it’s the only line of that song I know by heart but I can walk hours on it πŸ˜‰
    Have a great weekend,

    *calms down* So you may not exactly remember me :L haha my fault anyway for being such a stranger! to be honest this is my first time on since…ages ><"…but anyway here i am!
    Well, I've been over my head in exams. Exams. Exams. And even more exams. Grrrr *spontaneously combusts* I think if I hear that word again…then I will seriously πŸ˜›
    This week was the worst- exams all day every day! But thankfully its allllll over now *sigh of relief* so I'm going to start blogging again and I've deleted stuff and reorganised and basically starting over yayy :]].
    OMG I totally absolutely love my music πŸ˜€
    Anyway, going to go to sleep now…gonna make up for all those hours of lost sleep :] Talk to you later! Gotta catch up on all those posts I missed out on as well!
    x rainissa
    p.s. sorry for the overload of emotes :$ as you may have figured out by now, I’m a hardcore emoticon user ~ my friends on fb are always telling me how I use waaaaaaayy too many :3

  4. Huehuehue my comment was too long and the middle bit got deleted >:c this is kinda weird but after “love my music”:
    I’m more of a pop/rap sort of person ^_^ I really like upbeat stuff that you can dance to…*don’t tell anyone* sometimes I kinda dance around crazily on my bed when i feel like letting out some energy >:P this reminds me, our last exam was musicology, or in other words, analysing 3 concertos from the…dinosaur period? *sorry music teacher β™«* The concertos were basically just the same melody ovvveeeeerrrr and ovveeeerrrr again :poop: I think I’ve driven my friends crazy by humming Haydn’s trumpet Concerto in e Flat major over and over again XD

  5. How have your exams been? :)) In australia we have two sets of exams: half yearlies and yearlies. In the weeks before the half yearlies, I was studying every moment I could…this time around for the yearlies, I’m ashamed to say i have been staying up until midnight the night before cramming TT_TT. Ask me anything agriculture-related in the hour after the ag theory exam, and i’ll probs have forgotten it because of the short-term nature of cramming ;~; Practical Ag is basically just digging holes and planting in seeds and watching them die from neglect and strangulation by weeds because…hate to admit it, but my classmates just cannot be bothered in this Aussie heat…we usually end up watering each other instead of the plants LOL >:D Kinda wish we could do something different like food tec or textiles…anything that doesn’t involve shovels and dirt and getting your socks/shoes dirty :[[
    Apologies for the long comments. I babble to people I havent seen/talked to in ages πŸ˜›

    • Ok so I’m going to reply here cause it’s the last comment that you wrote x) oh and don’t worry about the overload of emoticons, you’ll probably see even more in my comment *-* first of all, how could I forget you? Give me a little credit at least πŸ˜‰ I’ve pretty much been AWOL from the blogging world for three weeks so if anything you should be the one who doesn’t remember me :p Congratulations on finishing your exams!! At least it’s over now.. mine start in about two weeks -_- just like you they’re a week twice a year, and they’re TORTURE! The grades count more than normal tests in class and they just all run together. For me it’s pretty hard to stay concentrated for an extended period of time, so you can imagine what a week does to my brain x) I especially hate our first exam session because it’s just before Christmas, which sure doesn’t stop the teachers from assigning buttloads of homework over the break!
      Ahaha I can totally imagine you flailing around your room! xD What they don’t know can’t hurt ’em right? ^^
      Ohmygosh that’s right, it’s summer in Australia right? (Whether I’m right or wrong on this statement depends on how carefully I listened in Geography class like 5 years ago :p) Here it’s almost winter, and the weather is just bleeeeech. Yesterday it rained so hard that by the time I got back to my house I looked like a miserable opposum ^^ not to mention that my books had to be carefully laid out ’cause my backback had gotten wet! My phone also got waterlogged and is now malfunctioning *sigh* I would so like to me in Australia right now! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad to here that you’re back, I have to catch up on my reading!

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