An Open Letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

You’ve been here for twenty days already, and yet you still fail to make your presence known to us. Yes yes, I know that here in Normandy we’re not supposed to get high expectations about your three month visit, but we still have some hopes come the 21st of June. We can give you a couple weeks to settle in, but then you’re supposed to warm our hearts and souls (and, um, skin and hair, but those parts are slightly less romantic) and make us sing with joy at being able to run through the fields and lay in the grass laughing. Instead, you appear to be being bullied by the other seasons, thus depriving us of some much needed alone time with the giant apricot in the sky.

Today when I got up, I put on shorts and a t-shirt and trudged into the bathroom to brush my hair and do other stuff that you don’t need to know about. About 156 seconds later I emerged from the room looking like I had just come from the Arctic Circle and had only seen wolverines for the past fifteen days (you heard me: a wolverine. Not nearly as muscly as Hugh Jackman, more of a Ron Weasley type (because a wolverine is a weasel. Get it? Yeah I find myself smart). Gosh, I can’t remember what I was talking about… Oh right, I was cold). I dashed back into my room and changed into pants, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt.  Summer, it’s the 11th of July. Even for our harsh climate, frostbite inducing weather is not normal.

In this spirit, please show the following advice (by which I mean orders) to Winter, Spring and Autumn:
Winter; you have no right to butt in right now. You know we love you and your snow and holidays, but this isn’t the time. How would you like it if at Christmas Summer didn’t let you make it snow anywhere in the Northern hemisphere by turning your snowflakes into rain? Not good huh? No. So leave June, July and September alone.
Spring; you bring hope and color with you when you come, but now we don’t want to just hope anymore. Don’t push your timeline on other people, it’s not nice.
Autumn; as much as I love you, it most certainly isn’t your turn yet. You have the least right to impose yourself on Summer because it’s your time to shine afterwards anyway. Stop being hyperactive and trying to steal Summer’s months of glory.

Guys, it’s raining, I’m cold and about as tanned as a dying walrus. Will someone please send me on vacation to some exotic island already?

Live long and prosper \V/
The Mostly Confused Teenager.

PS: Upon re-reading this post, it seems necessary to indicate that the giant apricot in the sky is the sun, since you aren’t all sociopaths who can read my mind. If you are, then you people have really great covers. Although… they do say ‘stranger danger’… I should stop writing now.

20 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Summer

  1. walruses are actually pretty tan 😉 and global warming doesn’t always mean global warming, it makes the season unbalanced and well gives rain when it shouldn’t :/

  2. Ah, a very good post and totally understandable! It is frustrating when you dress for the expected and then have to change 156 seconds later! Also most frustrating to resemble a dying walrus most anytime…unless of course you are a dying walrus and even then it’s not really something you enjoy…….

  3. Where I live it’s the middle of winter and this week most days it’s been around 30 degrees C. I don’t know if that’s hot or cold to you (hot I’m thinking) but that’s hot for winter here, most places get a lot colder than that in winter ahah. You’re not the only one with weird weather 🙂

  4. Now I don’t feel as bad about my weather. Where I live the weather is quite… Bipolar… You may say. Its Hot one day then raining the next. And by Hot I mean excruciatingly hot xP …. But I guess no one can have the perfect weather x(

  5. I feel bad for you, the summer here in Denmark has been surprisingly hot and nice. Of course it rains, but it is Scandinavia after all, hope it gets better over there 🙂

  6. Blame it all on global warming and, to some extent, mankind for nonsensical weather patterns. It’s funny how hottt it’s here in the tropics – I’ve confined myself to an air-conditioned room indefinitely. Let’s switch places, shall we? (Btw, great blog you have here. Thanks for following my blog!)

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