I am a senior.
I have reached the ultimate grade.I am older than most every junior, sophomore, freshman, middle schooler and kindergartener. Well, older than every kindergartener for sure.
This is my year. My last year.
I am scared, I am nervous, I am excited.
I will rule the school.
I will tackle the unknown and triumph over the French education system.
I will survive.
I am a senior, and today my future begins.

PS: If that sounded cool, calm and collected, then I’m a better writer than I think. I’m a freaking churning ice cream maker on the inside!

24 thoughts on “Senioritis

  1. You do not sound calm at all but you’re probably still a better writer than you think. You definitely seem psyched for today so I hope a great day awaits. When I started my senior year, I don’t think I had a single thought like yours at all. At most, maybe I thought “F- school.” lol

    • I don’t think I was psyched either, so I guess my writing was different from my emotions in some way 😉
      I understand your point of view, but for me senior year is a shitload of pressure, and also the last year of the life I currently have ya know?

  2. This is pretty much a perfect summary of my feelings at the beginning of the year! I was so nervous in January, but I soon got used to my new reality. It’s so flipping difficult and I’ve had to get used to not having much free time, but you’ll get through it! I just keep telling myself that a gazillion others graduate each year, and that if they can then we can, too!

  3. I have five months left of being a senior. And ‘being a senior’ is the last thing on my mind right now. 😛 But, yeah. Definitely, this last year will always be remembered so might as well make the most of it. Have fun and enjoy yours! Good luck! 😀

    • I’m flatted that you think that I of all people could give you tips! Your blog is awesome though, apart from posting more often (yeah that applies to my blog too) I don’t know what else you could do. It’s really funny, you’re a great writer! I especially like the posts about the types of people at school and parties and chocolate. Keep doing what you do!

  4. may you future be bright. 🙂 great blog. just stumbled across. followed! You are really a versatile writer. 🙂 please spare some time to visit my blog at
    I will be grateful 🙂

    • Hi! It’s me! I’m back! Here, present and accounted for! Aaaaaand that’s enough exclamation points for now. Thanks so much for being so kind, I hope you’ll come back and check out TMCT as I get it back on track! (oops, more exclamation points. Ah well.)

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