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An Exhausted Birthday Cake

See, I’m so tired that even the title of this post doesn’t make any sense!

The 22nd was my mom’s… um… 29th birthday, so I spent all day making her a special cake. Oh who is she kidding she’s 53. I got up at 9 am (9 frickin’ am! Not my usual vacation hour) to go shopping, realized that I was in trouble when I started having cramps in the supermarket (is that considered TMI for a blog? God, I’m so tired it doesn’t even matter) and tried to get through my mother’s special day without acting too much like the bitch I felt like. I think I did alright. Then again that may be the champagne speaking. I don’t like champagne very much, I quite prefer bubbly apple juice. Humpf.

ANYWAYS since she absolutely wanted something lemony I made a two-layer lemon/hazelnut spongecake with a sweet lemon filling and the best buttercream (was it lemon flavored? Do you even need to ask?) I haveĀ ever tasted, even though it was a pain in my butt to make.

Here it is, and please excuse the lamo elmo blogging tonight.

Come on CT, you can’t attach the pictures with your eyes closed. Ugh.

Sleep long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.