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Mini CT’s Dream Jobs

Copyright: The Sticky Note Addict

Copyright: The Sticky Note Addict

Cookie dough taster.
Television watcher.
Bed tester.
Book reader.
Swimming pool tester.
Pizza taster.
Trampoline jumper.
Stuffed animal trainer.
Pepperoni eater.
Unicorn rider.
Chocolate taster.

These are the jobs that young CT wrote in her diary about. Agreed, she was wacky, but she was also a dreamer.
And as she wrote in her loopy childish handwriting, all of these must be exercized in a purely “preffeshenol” manner.

And you know what? Someday, older CT is gonna accomplish every one of these dreams. Yes, even the unicorn one, doubters.

Live long and prosper \V/
The Mostly Confused Teenager.


Parents Dialogue #1

Mom: So I had this weird dream last night…

Dad, keeping eyes focused on book: Hmm…

Mom: I was walking down the street and where there’s normally that big pothole there was a giant sparkling emerald lake with icy silver polar bears diving into it.

Dad, perks up and glances at her: Were there by any chance purple flamingos present as well?

Mom, surprised: Yes, yes there were!

Dad: I love you..

Mom: I love you too.

CT: ?!


Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.

The Magic of Disney

As I once again go to bed at 4 am, I reflect on Disney, and more particularly, Tangled. I’ve gotta say that after watching all of the old Disney movies such as Snow White (I looove the 7 dwarfs, especially Sleepy, I feel that I have a lot in common with him) and Cinderella (I wanted to be her at the ball, and I actually really liked her dress after it got torn up, is that weird? The influence of modern fashion speaks from within…) I have concluded that Tangled is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Well, for now anyway.

When we watch the old romantic Disney movies, we/I get the dreamy idea that some hot dude (I guess we can call him Prince Charming) will come and whisk us away to become princesses who are beautiful and adored by all, if we just have enough patience. Though not 100 years worth, I mean come on Aurora, geez, live a little.

Anyways, back on topic. Tangled brings something more than just beautiful scenery, wonderful music and the guy. Rapunzel is independent, strong, funny, and wields a mean frying pan. Maybe I just like her because she’s blonde throughout the movie and then has short hair at the end. Sort of like me. A little. Flynn Rider, apart from being the first Disney character to question why people randomly break into song (thanks to Disney Forever for that piece of info), is cool, smart/exceedingly stupid, depending on the situation, and has the greatest reactions to everything. Finally, we come to Maximus the horse. Maximus, I am in love with you. Now I mean this in the most non zoophile-like way possible, but seriously, you are one of the best horses in the world (I’m not saying the best for fear of offending some people who have, I’m quite sure, wonderful horses).

My dad says he doesn’t like Disney movies *gasp* because they disconnect people from reality by sugar-coating it and lead them to dream things that will probably never come true. Yeah, he’s kind of a downer, but in a certain way I see his point; Prince Charming isn’t just going to come along, you have to move your own arse and go do something with your life. In another sense, every person needs to disconnect temporarily from reality sometimes and enjoy a few hours of happiness. And you know what dad, every little girl, desperate teenager and lonely adult out there is allowed to dream! Without dreams, I can’t even imagine what the world would be like.

Disney movies like Tangled make us smile and dream, and for me, that’s enough to make them worthwhile.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.