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Sea Pancakes and Toilets: Imaginary Friends

Yes, I had several. Now to all of you who are silently saying “Imaginary friends? Is she nuts?” I answer: 1) Yes, I am crazy. And quite proud. And 2) Come on, you know you had at least one too. From what I’ve gathered, having an imaginary friend is sort of a right of passage when you’re a kid. Some people may think that having friends who don’t physically exist is pathetic, and to them I say “BOY HAVE YOU EVER MISSED OUT ON SOMETHING GREAT”.

It’s not that I’m a social recluse and never had any friends. So sometimes I prefer staying home on a Friday night with a good book and a hot chocolate; that doesn’t mean that the only reason that I had imaginary friends was because I felt lonely (and let’s not even talk about Monday nights, when I am unreachable due to the amazing sport of football).

I got my first imaginary friend when I was pretty little, no more than 8 years old. I was reading Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (you know, The Golden Compass and all that) and was fascinated by the concept of a dæmon, a creature that was essentially part of the person and from whom they could not separate from without great pain. So I decided that if Lyra and Will had dæmons and were the best heroes ever, logically if I had a dæmon I would be an amazing person as well. HA. I named my dæmon Manta. Why? Well… Because at the time I had an obsession with manta rays, or as I called them; sea pancakes. The fact that mint ice cream is my favourite flavor of ice cream also contributed to the name. I was young and innocent, don’t judge. At least, don’t judge harshly. Manta was there when I needed to babble to someone and I didn’t have The Mostly Confused Teenager to ramble on, when I was waiting all by myself for my always-late mom in the rain after school, when I wanted to make fun of my brother but no one was around. Plus, if someone asked me why I was talking to myself, I could always answer that I was actually talking to my imaginary friend, before staring at them with a mixture of befuddlement and disdain.

My second imaginary friend is one that is slightly/waaaay weirder than Manta ever was. His name is Fish, and he’s been my friend for so long that I can’t even remember when I started talking to him. This is awfully embarrassing to write, so I’m glad that not many people that I know read CT’s long winded blog posts. Still I hope that they don’t stop interacting with me because I’m such an absolute weirdosomething. See, I can only talk to Fish when.. um.. a toilet paper roll is finished. A roll with no more paper on it is the telephone that I use to contact him, at which point our conversations go something like this: “Hey Fish! How are you doing? I’m fine Fish, yeah. Ok so seeya Fish.” Now that I think about it these conversations are actually monologues. *sigh*

Still, my imaginary friends never socially hurt me (until now, I hope that this confession doesn’t The MCT’s death warrant). In fact they were a formative part of my childhood and made me into the person I am today. Whether that is a good thing or not I can’t tell 😉 Nonetheless they fostered a singular creative ability and view of the world for which I am eternally grateful. I’ve grown up a lot since the times when I heatedly debated with Manta on my brother’s level of silliness, but I haven’t forgotten the friends who helped me through some odd as sh*t days.

So parents, stop worrying because your kid has an imaginary friend, and kids, be proud! You’ll understand how a thought and/or dream can seem so real that it turns into something that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. Ladies and gentlemen, that is all. Peace out.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.

Social Media: Extra (unnecessary) Stress

theemarketingmaven.comI love Facebook. One could almost say that I’m addicted; and because it’s my home page, every time I open Firefox it pops up on the screen. Now I could be smart and change my homepage but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to do it. When I go on Youtube or Deezer or whatever to play music, I can’t help checking out what new things have come up in my suggestions box. And I don’t know if texting is considered social media, but I spend waaay too much time sending sms’ to my friends. I’m a sort of a *gulp* social media junkie. And yet I’m not on that many sites, I don’t have Twitter for example, but the amount of time spent each day on the mediums that I do use is enormous. And as a side effect and/or consequence, it causes a lot of extra stress.

First of all, there’s the fear of not supplying enough data. I have friends and family overseas who’s only way of keeping in touch with me is through Facebook, and I sometimes feel like I’m letting them down if I’m not posting enough. Extra stress. It’s hard to gauge the right amount of stuff (and what stuff!) that you should share with the world. Do I care that your hamster suddenly developped a love of soup and that you’re celebrating by eating a cherry? Heck no! (but frankly, if you’re going to celebrate anything at all, eat more than one cherry) Do I care that you got into Princeton? Heck yes! I know I chose extreme examples but it’s just to reinforce my point 😉

Speaking of winky faces (is that how you say it?), texting and messenging has made me use more emoticons than any person should. Ever. I used to be able to communicate without constantly inserting smiley faces into the conversation, but in our modern, tech savvy world I seem to have lost that ability. And I do get worried that putting them in posts such as this one makes me seem tacky. Extra stress.

Texting has made me turn paranoid. If I’m talking with a boy I like, I instantly start over-analysing the messages he’s sent me, causing a million questions to swirl around in my head. Extra stress. Of course then I feel compelled to wait a few minutes before responding because I don’t want to seem as if I was clinging to my phone waiting for him to text me. Which I probably was. Extra stress. Finally, if I’m using a medium where I can see whether or not someone’s read my message and they have but haven’t answered I get all flustered. Extra stress.

Ah yes, first world problems. Silly things.

All I can advise is; eat a sandwich, lie in the sun, go for a walk, live a little! And does this advice apply go me too? Absolutely, and I’m going to take it. Right after I check Facebook once more. And my phone. And email. And… sh*t.

Live long and prosper \V/

Yours sincerely,

The Mostly Confused Teenager.